A Supply Chain & Logistics Mastermind Collaborative



The Future Leaders of Logistics (FLL) is a nonprofit that strives to bring together the future leaders in the supply chain and logistics industry to learn and innovate through a mastermind collaborative. FLL looks to aggregate the best young minds in the supply chain to gain knowledge to be leaders within their companies, foster development of the next generation of supply chain and logistics professionals, and usher in a new era of technology in the supply chain. 



The goals of the Future Leaders of Logistics are centric around advancing the industry while simultaneously facilitating a generational shift amongst supply chain leadership.

01. Future LEADERS

Act as mentors to future generations of Supply Chain & Logistics leaders as well as act as the pathway for premier talent for workforce development within the industry.

Through partnerships with local universities/high schools, offering internships w/ member organizations, Operation Stimulus, connections for FLL leaders within the industry, and a mentor program that develops Supply Chain & Logistics leaders. 


Bring together the best and brightest young minds within the Supply Chain & Logistics industry to encourage innovation. 

Through the concept of a mastermind collaborative we'll share industry leading ideas, train ourselves to lead our organizations, develop a pathway for startups & innovation, and offer our insights to member organizations on how to work w/ Millennials. 


Champion the Supply Chain Industry within a changing legislative landscape.

Through our understanding of the changing technological landscape we'll act as a lobbying arm of the Supply Chain & Logistics industry as we understand technology and how its adoption will affect the space and the future of the Supply Chain and society.


“Don't be afraid of new arenas”




FLL was born out of necessity after the Founders recognized a real need for a young professional mastermind group that could lead the next generation of the Supply Chain. As we traveled the country, meeting and talking to numerous Supply Chain professionals and executives, we realized they were ready to retire and we were ready to lead. Soon thereafter, we launched FLL to fill that need and prepare the leaders within the Supply Chain to take the reigns. With the help of the Denver Transportation Club - Colorado's Supply Chain and Logistics industry group - we launched FLL to tackle this industry-wide issue. 

As a newly formed non-profit we count on the generosity and kindness of Supply Chain firms and professionals eager to support our goals and ensure we have a vibrant and innovative industry for the next generation of future leaders in logistics. 


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